How do you stoke the metabolic fire?

Should you take green tea extract capsules?

Should you eat 6 meals a day?

Should you avoid food after 7pm?

Should you eat 500 calories a day to jump start fat loss?

Here is the truth to set you free of your metabolism demons!

Myth 1:  Eat 6 meals a day to boost your metabolism!

Decades of research have shown that the same number of calories spread out between 3 (standard) or 6 meals a day (grazing) are basically the same in terms of metabolism [1,2,3,4].  The significance in calories burned between the two methods are insignificant.

Myth 2:  Spicy foods or drinking ice water will speed fat loss!

There is no magic food or beverage that will speed fat loss.  The thermic effect of hot or cold foods is so small that it alone cannot drop inches from your waist line.  If that was the case, eating ice cream all day would trim the waistline!

Myth 3: Avoid food after 7pm because it will turn directly into fat!

There is no magic window of time that leads to excess weight gain.  Instead it is the overall quality and quantity of calories in your diet.  If you tend to eat mindlessly or order pizza as a second dinner after 7pm then deciding to stop eating at 7pm may be a good solution for you.  However, if you’ve only eaten 1000 calories due to having a busy day and your only option is to eat after 7pm, don’t hold back on account of the clock, hit your macros!

Myth 4: Jumpstart weight loss with a low calorie diet or fast!

Have you seen the before and after of Survivor contestants?  A diet of 500 calories worth of rice for a month certainly leads to weight gain!  But, by Survivor finale night, all of the contestants look like they have gained back their pre-low calorie stranded on a desert island weight! What gives?  Our bodies are made for survival!  If we lose weight quickly in starvation mode, most people inevitably gain it all back and then some in order to “survive” the next famine!  Slow and steady weight loss with small caloric deficits are easier to sustain long-term, which is the goal of weight loss – to keep it off long-term!

The number one thing you should be doing is…

Find the best solution for you!

You’re an individual! 

You’re unique!

Your body has specific needs different from your drunk co-worker, nosey neighbour or childhood best-friend!

Get honest with yourself, find a coach, do some trial and error with some real data and learn the best diet and lifestyle for you! It’s not rocket science when you work with a team who has gotten their clients results time and time again!

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