Working with OBF empowered, inspired, and strengthened me in ways I couldn’t for myself. I worked with Nicole from day one, and I believe it is because of her that I continued with the program for almost a full year. Not only did she push me out of my comfort zone to see rapid and remarkable changes in my body composition, but also she is so knowledgeable that I feel I gained a whole education in nutrition, wellness, and self-love. Nicole mentored me through a fitness model competition and went above and beyond by making sure I was well prepared with extra training and special classes. I left every training session with her feeling happy, strong, and empowered. Nicole has truly changed my life. The amazing community of women that I’ve met in this program is also a huge part of my success. Between sharing our personal struggles, pushing each other, and cheering each other on daily, we quickly became close friends and confidants. Every time you want to change something it requires dedication and hard work. OBF is dedicated to their clients and not only do their clients work hard but so do all in the OBF team. I made an incredible change in only the first 10 weeks of the program. Going from 16% to 11% body fat and gaining 15 pounds of lean muscle. My physic and strength changed drastically, but more importantly my attitude and respect towards my body and myself. For this I am forever grateful to Nicole, Jonathan and the whole OBF team and family.
Stephanie Moulton

Before joining OBF Gyms, I had made a conscience decision to make some significant lifestyle changes and started running regularly. I lost 40lbs over the course of 8 months by doing a lot of cardio and reached my goal weight; however, I did not feel fit or lean. I joined OBF Gyms in the spring to become stronger and leaner. What the OBF Gyms professionals were able to help me do in such a short period of time was amazing! In five weeks, I went from 17.2% body fat to 15% body fat and gained 6lbs of lean mass. I learned so much from Jonathan Wiseman and his team, everything from nutrition to proper form when lifting. Not only did they help me to increase my strength and fitness level, I also boosted my self-confidence and know that I’m now equipped with the knowledge I need to maintain this lifestyle. Thanks Jonathan and OBF.