• 2-3 60 minute sessions per week
  • Strength Training and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Personally Assigned Coach
  • Customized Nutritional Guidelines
  • Bi-weekly Body Composition Assessments
  • Online Support




  • Effective method by Charles Poliquin
  • Analyzes body fat distribution and hormones⁣
  • Customized training and nutrition program
  • Targets hormonal imbalances for weight loss⁣
  • Individualized approach for balanced physique⁣
  • Holistic focus on energy, sleep, and well-being⁣
  • Boosts lean muscle, reduces body fat⁣
  • Leading fitness coach in downtown Toronto⁣
  • Transform your fitness, join our classes today!




  • $120 per session (60 min) with OBF Body Transformation Coach
  • Full Nutritional Customization Guidelines
  • Metabolic Analysis and Assessments
  • Discounts available for 2 on 1



  • 3 x 60 minute sessions per week
  • Strength Training & Metabolic Conditioning
  • Customized Nutrition With A Holistic Approach
  • Initial Bodycomposition Assessment
  • Online support


In our free fitness consultations, we determine the timeframe required for you to achieve your goals and ask for your commitment to that duration with us. For example, if it takes 30 weeks to reach your goal, we request your commitment to OBF for that period. There are no long-term contracts or hefty start-up fees; just a pledge to achieve your goal within the specified timeframe.

Cancellation during the initial term requires clients to provide us with 4 weeks’ paid notice, along with a written doctor’s note or proof of relocation too far from the gym to continue training.

Once clients transition to the month-to-month phase of their membership, only a 4-week paid notice is required for cancellation.


Embarking on your fitness journey is as simple as taking three steps forward. Start by scheduling your complimentary fitness consultation at OBF. During this session, we’ll delve into your aspirations, delve into your past fitness experiences, assess your current nutrition habits, and conduct a comprehensive body composition analysis. This personalized approach enables us to tailor a training regimen specifically for you, establish realistic goals, and explore membership options that align with your needs and preferences.

To book your complimentary fitness consultation at OBF, reach out to us at (647) 691-9028 or drop us a line at info@obfgyms.com. Your journey to a healthier, fitter you begins with this empowering step forward.