As you walk through the doors, stomach jumping, heart in your throat, and palms a little clammy, you swallow with a nervous excitement.

You can’t believe you mustered the guts to go through with this.

While the door swings shut behind you, you’re met with a euphoric greeting from two of your best friends, an acquaintance and a couple women you’ve not met before.

A tribe of like-minded women all chasing goals like yours.

You feel a massive smile overtake your face.

All of a sudden, as you exchange greetings and introductions, your nerves melt away.

This feels, “right.”

You’re eager, excited and ready to sweat.

If I were to sum up that magic that results from having a close knit group of women push each other towards a unanimous goal – I believe the above hits the nail on the head.


Three Benefits of Group Training

Training in small groups has three inherent benefits that you simply cannot cultivate from a one on one dynamic.

1. Your Motivation Skyrockets with Group Training

Years and years of physiological research has backed the fact that doing anything in a group setting is likely to be exponentially more effective when it comes to doing something new or striving towards a goal of similar design.

2. Increased Accountability with Group Training

How many times have you made plans to go out for coffee with a friend only to cancel as the time draws near?

If you’re like many of us, a lot.

Now, how many times have you made plans with a group of friends and then bailed at the last minute?

Again, if you’re like many of us, I’ll bet you don’t cancel those group plans all the often.

How does this apply to you crushing your goals in the gym?

Let’s say that you and your cohort of women have decided to sign up for small group training sessions at a local gym.

It’s a new experience for you all, you’re stepping outside of your comfort zones and pushing each other. As the sessions go by, you all notice that you’re getting vastly stronger, fat is melting off your legs and you feel really, really good.

That feeling that you’ve cultivated together is only really possible in the group setting. Something tells me that you’re not about to bail on that at the last minute without a serious reason.

3. The Variety in Your Training

It takes a certain breed of being to walk into the gym day in a day out, smashing through routines that are eerily similar to one another. Granted, this is rather effective and most certainly brings results to many.

However. What’s the point if you’re not enjoying it?

Small groups training sessions have a ton of built in variety simply by their nature. The programming required to make sure you cover the bases for 4-8 females defines this a necessity, and a blessing.


Find your tribe.

Train as a unit.

Crush your goals, as an unstoppable unit.