Are you hoping to improve your physique?

Does it matter how much protein you eat?

Does it matter if you wait until your next milestone birthday before finally stepping into the weight room?

A recent study answered the question:

What is the relationship between total protein intake and changes in fat-free mass (FFM) with strength training?

Four key results came from the analysis of data from 49 studies with 1863 participants.

Finding 1:

Dietary protein supplementation significantly enhanced changes in muscle strength and size overtime with resistance exercise training in healthy adults.

What it means:

Adding more protein to your diet will significantly impact your results from weight training

Finding 2:

Increasing age reduces the effect of protein supplementation

What it means:

Gaining and maintaining muscle is generally more difficult as we age regardless of our efforts due to a phenomenon known as Sarcopenia.  So, it is important to gain muscle in your younger years and take proactive action to maintain it as you age.

Finding 3:

Training experience increases the effect of protein supplementation

What it means:

Your body gets better and better with it’s use of protein to build muscle over time.  Keep up your training over the years to reap the benefits!

Finding 4:

Protein intakes at amounts greater than ~1.6 g/kg/day do not further contribute resistance exercise-induced gains in FFM

What it means:

More is not always better.  There is little or no benefit of taking in protein higher than about 1.6g/kg/day.  So, aim for a protein intake around that amount for the greatest benefits to your FFM.

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