• How many hours a day do you spend sitting or lying down?
  • Are you doing any light activity like walking?
  • What about intense exercise like resistance training or sprinting?
  • Well, have you heard the news? Physical inactivity is one of the leading threats to health!
  • Physical inactivity is actually being listed alongside smoking and Dengue fever as a top threat! (World Health Organization, 2019)
Being leaders on personal training in Toronto, we see a lot of busy professionals come through our doors. These people are ready to get moving after years of sitting at a desk stressed out.  Tired of feeling sluggish, weak and stiff and ready to feel confident and strong.  
If you’re a professional in Toronto or the GTA – or anywhere else in the world… you’re likely sitting 1-2 hours during your commute and another 6-8 hours at the office.  That is a third of your day!  Also, another 8 hours spent sleeping and a few hours relaxing on the couch or doing some work from your desk at home, not the best recipe for health.
The World Health Organization has a goal to reduce inactivity by 15% by 2030. Don’t wait another 11 years to get active!  Don’t even wait another 11 seconds! Start combating inactivity by booking a consult with a fitness trainer Toronto.

Reach out to us at OBF Gyms to get paired up with a fun, knowledgeable Fitness Coach in Toronto. We’ll have you feeling excited to get up and move your body in no time.