Ever wonder what stage of competency you’re at?

Did you know that there’s 4 stages to how competent you are in nailing down your habits/goals? Let’s break these down for you quickly.

1. Unconscious Incompetence
– You are unaware of the skill and your lack of proficiency
2. Conscious Incompetence
– You are aware of the skill but not yet proficient
3. Conscious Competence
– You are able to use the skill but only with effort
4. Unconscious Competence
– Performing the skill becomes automatic

We talk about this a lot with our clients, and the common theme here is that many people don’t realize what stage they fall in to. Our goals as coaches is to take you from whatever level you fall in to, to unconscious competence.

Many of us start frustrated, confused and feeling defeated. Because we don’t know how to get from point A to point B and feel like we’ve exhausted most of our means. But, the great thing about being unconsciously incompetent is, what you tried is likely not the right method for you and there’s so many more ways to achieve your goal that it’s impossible to fail.

We want you to become stress free and have peace of mind in knowing that you’re following a sustainable and maintainable approach to your mental, emotional and physical goals. And in order to do this, we must bridge these gaps, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes – it’s always worth it.

What’s the main driver that gets you to conscious competency? Repetition, nothing fancy – just straight up practice.

Which stage are you? Let us know in comments below!