by Zoe Knight

I want killer abs. What can I do to make them look better?

Let’s start off with a nice, heart-warming fact.   We all have abs. Every single one of us – even you! The issue with most of us is that we just can’t see them!

The main reason for this is quite simple. There’s a layer of energy stores blocking them off from the world to see – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

So below are our top tips so you can showcase your abs in no time!

HIIT training

This is a bit of a no-brainer for those who know the benefits that HIIT training has in relation to fat loss. But yes, it’s important to ensure that HIIT training’s done the right way. Last week’s blog goes over HIIT training.

Let’s also note that HIIT training has benefit’s, but if over done, it can ruin your progress. True HIIT training, do it once or twice per week tops due to it’s taxing nature. Give yourself time to recover and pair HIIT with steady state cardio. There’s benefits to each that you wont get from the other. Balancing your training program will turn your body into a fat burning machine. That’s one way to help show those abs off!

Clean up your diet

I’m sure a lot of you feel as though this tip is a lot easier said than done! But, yet it is the most powerful change you can make to get the results you want. Cut processed foods from your diet. Eat more non-starch carbohydrates. Drink more water and you’re well on your way to using up the stored energy in your fat covering your abdominals.

Ensure all exercises are done with proper form

Technique done right means that your abs are engaged. Helping you to remain stable, staying in the position the exercise calls for. There are few exercises that don’t need activation of your core to perform well. Even when lying down, you should always have your core muscles working. This helps strengthen your core and prevents lower back injuries. This ensures that once they’re on show, they are well defined!

Lower stress

This is one of the biggest factors that’s overlooked in the quest for abs! Stress comes in different forms, workload, relationship problems, anxiety, over-training, and even over-excitement! Cut stressors in your life where you can. What can’t be cut needs to be better managed, so ensure you take time to de-stress.

Engage in hobbies like yoga once or twice a week, journaling, reading and/or meditating to name a few. High stress increases cortisol levels, there’s a high correlation between cortisol and belly fat. Decrease the stressors, improve your stress management, and the results should follow!

Decide how badly you want it

What a lot of people fail to understand is the level of commitment and sacrifices needed to get abs. It’s a journey, so understand your ‘why’. Understand what you’re willing to do and what’s realistic. If you’re ready to do the work and are honest with yourself about your efforts, you’ll be rocking a 6 pack in no time!