OBFs 5 Pillars of Nutrition

Here is 5 pillars of nutrition:

1. Managing inflammation

Removing certain foods that are likely food intolerances. Gluten, Soy, Dairy and Processed Sugars. We do recommend a food sensitivity test to make things easier (IgG and MRT/Leap tests are the industry standard for food testing).

Lowering inflammation allows us to improve gut health. This improves balanced neurotransmitters, lowers cortisol and improves digestion. This will also increase nutrient absorption, increasing anabolism and better at burning fat.

2. Managing insulin resistance

Limiting carbohydrates for a short time and implementing nutrients that improve cell signalling.

Managing insulin allows us to improve your ability to gain lean muscle mass and burn fat. Also leading to higher and more stable energy levels throughout the day. They say insulin is the hormone of aging, the higher the insulin levels, the faster you age. In essence, we’re slowing aging also.

3. Strategic cheat meals and refeeds

As someones body fat continues to lower, their body starts to reduce the amount of leptin it produces. Leptin is a hormone that works inline with insulin. This increases cortisol and decreases the conversion of T3 to T4. This will blunt your metabolism, making it harder to burn fat and easier to store it.
If we haven’t implemented this stage in your progress yet it’s because of a few things.
1. Not enough feedback on how your physiology is adapting.
2. You’re having frequent cheat meals that aren’t planned.

4. Detoxifying estrogens

Managing chemical exposure is very important in todays day and age. One thing we do is rotate fiber supplementation in your diet. We also add in specific micronutrients that help the body remove excess estrogens. This allows the lower body to lean out and tone. Also, improving hormonal balance between estrogen and testosterone.

5. Aligning your lifestyle habits with what it is you want in life

If you’ve joined OBF, you’re committed to seeing results. We want to make sure these changes are attainable and maintainable. By improving and using certain tools, we’re able to guide you through the stress of change.