Do you find yourself repeatedly reaching into the fridge even after a hearty meal? Feeling constantly hungry?

Before you dive into that ice cream in the freezer there is one question that will save you from overeating.

The question is:

How much water have I had today? NOT TO BE HUNGRY

The hypothalamus regulates thirst and hunger.  And hunger is often confused with thirst.

How much water do you need on a daily basis?

The formula we use at OBF is 0.7oz x Body Weight in Pounds

For example a 175lbs male would need 0.7oz x 175lbs = 122.5oz or 3.6L a day.

How can you get all that water in though?

We get water two ways – from drinking fluids and from the foods we eat!

Fruits and vegetables contain up to 92% water.  If you’re feeling hungry, but don’t feel like reaching for a glass of water then reach for high water fruit like berries or vegetables like cucumber.

Not only will you get the hydrating benefits, but also natural sugars, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

Won’t I be peeing all day?

If you are going from treating your body like a desert to transforming it into a lush rain forest, you will initially make more trips to the bathroom.  Within a few weeks, your body will adjust to the increased hydration, and bathroom trips will normalize.

What Are the Benefits of Hydration?

  1. A charged-up metabolism
  2. Healthier cellular activity
  3. Hydrated skin
  4. Dramatic improvements in performance
  5. Reduced sensations of fatigue

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