Is your previous staple diet of cold pizza after a night of a few too many drinks no longer maintaining the six-pack of your dreams? Did the freshman fifteen from your twenties turn into the dirty thirty? Do you feel like it’s impossible to lose weight now? With these 5 metabolism tips, we’ll get you back on track to looking good naked and feeling unstoppable!

Tip 1: Kill your darlings

By your late twenties not only are you well on your way to meeting many of your life goals, but you may have sacrificed many healthy habits along the way to get to where you are.

Many people become busy with full-time work, parenting, climbing the career ladder, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, house cleaning, cooking, caretaking…

Funny how some people are not too busy to drink half a bottle of wine while binging on Netflix for the third time this week but are too busy to plan healthy meals and fit in a few hours of exercise every week. 

In order to take control of your metabolism, you will need to identify your excuses and eliminate them. 

Tip 2: Muscle and metabolism

Women start losing muscle in their thirties unless they do something to keep it.

Muscle is more metabolically active than fat.  Bonuses of maintaining muscle include a higher metabolism, better energy and stronger bones.

Keep your muscle by adding resistance training.  One hour 2-3 times a week is all you need. 

If you’ve never lifted weights before the expertise of a personal trainer will be priceless in building confidence and preventing injury.

Tip 3: Update your food habits

You are too smart and sophisticated for the cookie diet, or grapefruit diet, or cabbage diet.

Every unbalanced diet attempt will starve you of the nutrients you need to support your hormones.

Instead of focusing on eating less, focus on eating more.

More protein, healthy fats, berries, and green vegetables.

Tip 4: Know your numbers

What is your: Blood pressure? Heart rate? Hip and waist circumference? Weight? Blood sugar and insulin levels?  HbA1C? Thyroid, kidney, and liver lab values?  Levels of inflammation such as Hs-CRP? Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D status?

Get motivated by knowing your numbers.

Change your lifestyle to reverse high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and inflammation before they do any long-term damage.

If you don’t know the following about yourself book yourself an appointment with your primary care provider. 

Tip 5: Update your social circle

By the late twenties, social circles are smaller and tighter. Making new friends with like interests feels difficult and scary when we think about it.  When you decide to improve your health, your current circle may not be supportive enough to help you get to your goal.

Can’t find willing friends to go on hikes or to yoga?

Scared to meet new people?

Don’t let those excuses hold you back! (See Tip 1) 

The health and fitness community is supportive and welcoming.

Find new friends with like interests and goals by enrolling in a fitness community that resonates with you.  For example, enroll in our small group personal training or online training with support in our online forum.

Do you want to reach your goal of boosting your metabolism, feeling great, and losing weight after thirty?  Let us help!  Send us an e-mail now!

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