Why You Feel Like Crap Starting a Low Carb Diet

Carbohydrates are the main source of our body’s energy.  After carbohydrates are consumed, they break down into smaller units of sugar (glucose).  Glucose enters the bloodstream and is transported to various tissues and organs including muscles and the brain.  This is where it is used as energy.  Glucose that isn’t needed is stored as glycogen in the liver and the muscles attached to your bones.  The body has limited storage capacity for glycogen, so when glycogen stores get full, excess glucose is then stored as fat.

There is not a definite number that dictates how much glycogen we can all store. As with everything, it varies from person to person.  You will be surprised though at how little you actually need!  When your glycogen stores are always full, the body uses this as energy and not fat.  Needless to say, a great way to ensure fat is the primary fuel source is to limit your amount of carbohydrates.   In doing so, you force your body to utilize a different fuel source, and this takes some getting used to!

During the adaptation stage of burning fat instead of carbohydrates, you will more than likely:

Feel tired; have low energy; and have carbohydrate cravings.


But fear not!  This adaptation stage generally lasts only a couple of weeks.  Once you have persevered, you will feel on top of the world and better than ever!  Not to mention you’ll reap the benefits of fat loss so you’ll be looking better than ever as well!