• Have you ever thought of personal training in Toronto?
  • Did you visit a big box gym to inquire or ask your fit friend for a reference?
  • Did you use a search engine to look for the best personal training in Toronto or personal trainer downtown Toronto?
  • Did you even hire a personal trainer who made a lot of promises, but didn’t get you results?
  • Choosing the best personal trainer for you can feel like Goldilocks and the three bears! 

Personal trainer ‘A’ took a weekend course to become a trainer and doesn’t have proven methods or a track record of any results for their clients.

Personal trainer ‘B’ gets amazing results, but uses extreme, unrealistic, unsustainable and unhealthy methods.  Their clients yo-yo from fat-to-fit-to-fat and get injured along the way.

Personal trainer ‘C’ gets amazing, sustainable results addressing your nutrition, activity, recovery, and mindset.  Their clients keep their results long term and the personal trainer is a pleasure to work with!

As you guessed it, personal trainer ‘C’ isn’t the norm! Don’t let that stop you from your search for the right trainer for you!  And, if you’ve had a bad experience with a trainer in the past you can learn from that experience in your search for your match!

Here are the top tips for how to choose the best personal trainer for you:

They Care About Your Goals

Everyone has their own idea of their ideal body or health state.  To lose weight, gain weight, shape your bottom, carry your kids on your shoulders, look better naked…whatever your goal is – so long as it’s healthy and realistic – your personal trainer should be on board!

Why would you pay for a one-size-fits-all approach?  If your personal trainer is pushing their vision for you onto you and not listening to your goals, move on.

They Do a Proper Assessment

In order to get to your goal, your trainer should be taking into account many variables and measure progress!  A proper intake assessment is vital to assess where you are starting to create your success game plan that takes into account your general health, life, mindset, nutrition, and recovery.

A structural balance assessment, body composition assessment like an InBody scan or Biosignature caliper test, nutritional assessment, sleep assessment, and stress assessment take into account all of the components necessary to get you to your goal.

They Have a History of Getting Results

Would you hire a plastic surgeon without seeing results of their previous surgeries or knowing about their rate of surgical complications?  Probably not!  The same should be true when you hire a personal trainer. 

You need to ask for evidence of success with their clients!  For example, this could be before and after photos or InBody scan results showing body composition changes.  Ask about their clients who have moved on – were they equipped to keep up their transformation? 

You can also ask about injury rates or their ability to modify exercises for your level of ability.  You are not just looking to hire a

They’re a Personality Fit

The initial consultation can give you a lot of feedback about yourself and the personal trainer’s personality, credentials, thoroughness and coaching style.  Your ideal coach should be someone you feel is knowledgeable and capable, but also that you feel you can spend several hours a week with! 

You will likely want to work with them for between 1 and 4 hours a week.  Those hours should be spent with someone you look forward to seeing instead of someone you dread.

You Have a Good Gut Feeling

You should leave your initial consultation feeling energized and excited to get started!  If a personal trainer makes you feel creeped out or uncomfortable, run!  They are not the right trainer for you! 

At OBF Gyms we are focused on your goals and not only have the tools to get you there, but also teach them to you!  Your habits and mindset will shift, allowing you to get results and keep them for lifelong health and confidence! We guarantee the best personal training in Toronto.

If you are looking for the best personal trainer in Toronto for you, contact OBF Gyms now to set up a free consultation!