Instead of milk and sugar, try these awesome additions below.


Why? Helps lower blood pressure and can also regulate blood sugar.

Organic 35% Heavy Cream

Why? Helps to slow digestion of caffeine which can create a time released fat burning effect of the caffeine itself. (If lactose intolerant, likely still won’t have an adverse reaction due to intolerances being caused by proteins and not fats, which is what the heavy cream is…use with caution however and listen to your body if it gets an adverse reaction).

Coconut Oil

Why? Great anti-microbial agent, helping to kill off harmful pathogens in the gut. Also a form of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) which is easily metabolized by the body for a quick spike in energy.

Cocoa Bliss

Why? The antioxidant benefits of Cocoa and also Coconut Oil. (Use in extreme moderation – very hard to control intake due to it tasting so damn good, so do not use if you can’t handle it).

Most of these are fats, so if you do decide on using them, accommodate it appropriately in to your macronutrients for the day and adapt your fat intake to balance out the addition of these ingredients in to your lifestyle.