There’s many different forms of exercise. Golfing. Jazzercise. Cycling. Jogging. Sprinting. Prowler pushing, Tire flipping. High intensity interval training (HITT).

With so many options for exercise intensity – which one is going to do the most for your health?

Exercise benefits run the gamut from mental health to heart health to healthy blood sugar regulation to good hormonal health to better sleep.

Across the globe more men exercise than women despite exercise recommendations that are essentially the same for both sexes.

Physical inactivity is one of the biggest modifiable risk factors for health.

According to a recent meta-analysis there are biological differences for the best intensity of exercise between the sexes: male or female.

There are 5 levels of exercise intensity:

  1. Sedentary: activities like lying or sitting that require little movement
  2. Light: an aerobic activity that does not cause a noticeable difference in breathing rate
  3. Moderate: an aerobic activity that is able to be done while maintaining conversation
  4. Vigourous: an aerobic activity where conversation cannot be maintaining uninterrupted
  5. High: an intensity that generally cannot be maintained longer than 10 minutes

Females have greater health benefits with low-to-moderate aerobic exercise (exercise where a conversation can still be held) compared to men.

Males get a greater benefit with high intensity exercise (exercise where a conversation is too difficult to hold) such as high intensity interval training.

So, more women should be getting on the golf course and more men should be hitting up cycling class!

The best exercise for anyone of any sex is the type of exercise they enjoy most and are most likely to participate in! 

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Medical disclaimer: Check with your health care provider before starting a new physical activity regimen.


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