Last week we covered 5 things you could unintentionally be doing that make fat loss attempts harder than they need to be. This week we will look at 5 more.

You’re not eating enough

Following on from lasts week first point, you need to eat to lose weight.  It almost sounds counterintuitive, especially if you follow a strict ‘calories in vs. calories out’ method.  But the body needs an abundance of nutrients and minerals to be able to activate fat loss pathways, and they can predominately be obtained from food.  And a sufficient amount at that!  Ensure your food volume comes from nutrient dense, whole foods.  When eating good food, you will be surprised at the amount of it you can get away with eating!

You aren’t following fat loss specific program

Different training methods yield different results.  While it is true that moving more and eating cleaner will promote fat loss, exercise and diet if used incorrectly can increase your weight and size.  This is where it becomes crucial to ensure you are following a program that was written to be fat loss specific, and written specifically for you.

You aren’t being consistent

Being only 70 or 80% compliant, but continuously so, will yield better results than switching between 100% on and 100% off.  If you aren’t consistent with your efforts, your goal becomes a moving target and it becomes a lot harder to hit.

You don’t adjust your program as your body adjusts

Physiologically, you are not the same person when you are 10 kilos lighter.  Your body balance is different and will respond better to a different stimulus than when you held more fat.  So in short, what helps you lose the first few kilos wont necessarily help you lose the last.  This is one reason why it’s important to change your program as your body and requirements change.

You don’t get enough sleep

This is one of the most important aspects of life in general. If your sleep is limited, or of poor quality, you will struggle to lose weight and put on muscle.  You will have low energy during the day, and your moods will be unstable.  You will have brain fog and not be able to think clearly, and you will be more susceptible to making poor food choices.  Sometimes it is aspects outside of food and exercise that are stalling your process, and if this is the case, sleep is the first thing you must assess.

Addressing these 10 aspects when trying to lose fat should help drastically in ensuring you reach your goals in a reasonable timeframe and in a health manner.  After all, a healthy body doesn’t want to hold fat!