Have you noticed how much time you are spending commuting, desk-bound or sitting on the sofa drinking wine?

Maybe you’ve noticed your parents aging and thought you would like to age differently. Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself aging and have started to think about the person you would like to be at eighty!

You know that exercise is important, but you don’t know where to start. You’ve thought of joining a gym, but there are so many gyms downtown in Toronto to choose from, all of which offering personal training in Toronto. And, once you make a decision, you don’t know what will you do when you step onto the gym floor! 

As a beginner, you can spend hours on the internet learning about exercise.  But, your time and energy are valuable!  You have enough other balls in the air, spending hours researching how to exercise doesn’t have to be one of them!

Here are our top 4 recommendations on getting fit for beginners so you can live longer with exercise:

Push Yourself

If sitting on the couch is comfortable, but it doesn’t keep you healthy!  Exercise should be challenging, but not painful.  Get excited about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into the health zone with a balanced diet and a workout routine perfect for you. 

Exercise with Weights

Muscle mass is closely associated with living longer!  Seniors with more muscle live longer than those with less.  After the age of 30 our muscle mass declines by up to 8% every 10 years! Weight training helps to build and maintain muscle with a bonus of keeping your metabolism high up to 72 hours after a session.

Personal Training

Personal training is a perfect option for beginners!  The right personal trainer will teach you how to get fit in a safe and supportive environment.  OBF Gyms offers personalized workout routines with a certified fitness trainer Toronto.  We help to build your confidence and get you results so you can live longer, healthier!

Track your Progress

Setting a goal to work out and getting started is exciting!  But, what we don’t track, we can’t measure!  We often underestimate ourselves!  If you feel you aren’t making progress in the gym it’s easy to feel defeated and retreat to your sedentary ways! Tracking progress helps you to recognize and celebrate reaching your goals! 

At OBF Gyms we keep exercise fun and exciting by tracking your progress and celebrating with you! No matter what age or stage in life you are in, exercise will help you live longer! Don’t wait! Apply to get started with personal training at OBF Gyms and begin your new life!