Are you EATING enough healthy fats in YOUR diet?

You’ve probably heard a lot of this misinformation about fats.
“Replace your saturated fats with heart ­healthy unsaturated fats like vegetable oils.”
“Soybean oil instead of coconut oil as it lowers cholesterol levels and reduces
cardiovascular disease risk.”
“Choose low­ or non­fat dairy products to lower your risk of heart disease and obesity.” 
We want to make it simple for you when it comes to adding healthy fats back in to your diet.

Add polyunsatured fat: Nuts & Seeds

– These are made up of omega ­3 and omega­ 6 fats. They can be found in both plants and animal products. There’s three kinds of omega ­3 fats, ALA, EPA and DHA.
– Polyunsaturated fats are beneficial. They improve blood vessel function, insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation.

Add monounsaturated fats: Avocado and Olives

– These fats are beneficial. They improve mitochondria function and insulin health. Also improving glycemic control and this can lower diabetic risk!
– Monounsaturated fats also have plenty of antioxidants that fight free radicals and lower inflammation.

Add saturated fats: Animal Fats and Eggs

– We need saturated fat because it has cholesterol.
– Cholesterol is needed to create steroid hormones like testosterone. Saturated fat based foods also are rich ins fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K!

DON’T ad trans fats: Margarine

– These man made fats are hard on the body and stay circulating in your blood, causing oxidization. This increases risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Yuck!
So, which of these fats are you eating regularly in your diet? Are you getting enough of the good ones and eliminating the bad ones? Make sure you balance your health fats too!