A general rule of thumb we follow at OBF for optimal hydration is 0.7oz of water per pound of bodyweight, each day. If you’re exercising intensely, add 1-1.5L on top of that during your workout.

Signs of dehydration

Signs of dehydration range all the way from the colour of your urine (bright yellow being dehydrated) and (pale yellow being hydrated) to headaches, water bloating, a sense of thirst and headaches.

Benefits of hydration

The health benefits of being hydrated are significant, including the cells health in your body, your ability to properly detoxify pollutants and toxins from the body, normal function of your organs, muscular function including your heart, the bodies ability to handle and manage stress and its hormonal production, digestion, skin health, cognitive function, the list goes on.

rubberband2A good trick we like to use to encourage better drinking habits is the elastic band method. Placing the number of bands on the water bottle that reflect the amount of litres you need to drink each day helps remind you to actually drink those litres of water. So for every litre you consume, an elastic band switches from the water bottle to the wrist. At the end of the day, if there’s still an elastic band on the bottle, start chugging.