Written by Zoe Knight There is so much information in the health and fitness industry that it becomes hard to distinguish right from wrong, fact from fiction, and safe from just downright dangerous. But how do you determine which is which?

The health and fitness industry is full of know-it-alls. It is full of people passing on information they believe to be correct, but without truly understanding what they’re talking about. It is full of contradicting ‘facts’, and it is full of a lot of incorrect information. So how do you know when to spot fact, from fiction, from opinion? The answer lies in understanding.

Knowing something, and understanding something is two completely different concepts about the fitness industry. To know something, by definition, means to be aware of something through observation, inquiry, or information. To understand something means to perceive the intended meaning.

As an example, when you enter a dark room, you know by clicking on the light switch that the light will turn on. That is a fact you know. You more than likely however do not fully understand how that works. The same is with health, exercise, and nutrition. There are a lot of facts out there that are passed on like Chinese Whispers, with not many people stopping along the way to make sure either a) the fact is correct, or b) that they understand what they are being told.

So as an Average Jo who just wants to lose a little fat, move a little more, eat a little healthier, and feel a little better, is it important for you to understand? The short, simple answer is no. But it IS important that you have someone in your corner that does.

Your body is the only place you have to live in and it’s the only one you are going to get, so it is well worth making yourself aware of how what you do to your body affects you. In saying that though, we realize that not everybody has the desire or the time to get a deeper understanding of everything. So this is why it’s important to align yourself with a coach, a trainer, or a health professional that does.

If you or your trainer has an understanding of the methods being used to get you towards your goal, you can pretty much be guaranteed success. Now that’s a pretty big statement to make! But let me explain to you why.

Understanding processes within the body, how it works, and how it responds to different stimuli, means you are able to predict what outcomes should occur. And if things aren’t tracking as planned? Then troubleshooting won’t be like throwing darts in the dark. Understanding means your health won’t be compromised, it means the path to your goal will be a clear path, a safe path, and the most optimal.

It means you’ll get to where you want to be in the most efficient and smartest time frame possible. Next week we’ll start weeding out the ‘health habits’ that nobody has failed to understand before passing on, all so you can follow the right path to feeling great, looking great, and with the peace of mind that you are doing nothing but right by your health!

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