Have you seen the videos of seniors in their 80s who can do more pull-ups than? Even though they only picked up weight training in their 70s?
These senior warriors have beaten Sarcopenia!
Sarcopenia sounds like the name of a fictitious villain, but it is real!
Muscle loss in old age (sarcopenia) has cost health care billions all over the world.
Here’s how you can beat sarcopenia, maintain your independence, and enjoy retirement well into old age!

Step 1: Test Your GriP Strength

Based on low grip strength alone – researchers in several countries found an association to billions of dollars in yearly health care.
Unsure if you have low grip strength or suspect you do?
Visit a strength training coach to see how you measure up.

Step 2: Set a Goal

If your grip strength is low, you are in the danger zone! It is never too late to start exercising your muscles and gaining strength, but don’t wait forever. Set a goal right now to increase your grip and strength.
If your grip strength is moderate, set your sights on improving your strength further. The sooner you build muscle, the more protected you will be as you age.
If your grip strength is high, set your sights on maintaining or increasing your strength overtime.

Step 3: Get a Coach

If you’re not familiar with resistance exercise or weight training hire an expert.
Work with them one-on-one or in small groups to learn the basics of safe and effective strength training.
If you find yourself injured by your coach, move on. A good coach will help you improve your strength and leave you feeling better. And without injury!
If you used a coach several years ago, reach out and find a coach who seeks further education. Strength training research and best practices are always evolving. Be a lifelong learner and learn something new to keep your workout routine fresh.

Step 4: Be Active Always

Retire from work after 65, but don’t retire your body.
Continue strength training 2-3 times a week throughout your life and well into old age.
Pair this is restorative work like stretching, yoga or tai chi.


At OBF Gyms we train clients of all ages and levels of experience. Our coaches are always updating their education. Taking courses from the top educators and strength coaches world wide.
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