Did you know that your mindset is POWERFUL?

This is why OBF coach Nadia focuses on your mental game as much as your physical game.
Let us ask you, what are you imagining on a daily basis? What thoughts are you focusing on?
If you focus on your destination and mentally rehearse how you’re going to get there, you’re likely to succeed. If you focus on being a problem-solver, someone who meets challenges with resilience and creativity, that’s who you will become.
If you focus on “failures” or setbacks (whatever you imagine those to be), your body and behaviour will respond. You’ll feel demoralized and paralyzed — you’ll feel stuck and hopeless.
YOU control your mindset and attitude.
YOU create your beliefs. Your thoughts. Your perceptions of the world.
And you can change those things. Starting right now, if you want.
Today, ask yourself:
  • What thoughts and mental images am I creating?
  • Do these thoughts and mental images help me?
  • Are these thoughts and images of success and resilience?
  • When I observe these thoughts or images, how does my body respond?