The Benefits of A Structural Balance Assessment

We understand the importance of structural balance assessment in regards to strength training at OBF Gyms. We’ve seen many trainees plateau in strength development due to a lack of structural balance. Let’s take the bench press, for example, let’s say you have been stuck at 300 lbs for a while, this can be an issue.

What we’d do in this instance is looking for any disproportionate ratios between different exercises. If you’re struggling to make progress in a given lift, the body is protecting itself from injury by neurally inhibiting strength gains.

At OBF Gyms, we put our clientele through a structural balance assessment to assess any possible imbalances from strength, stability, flexibility and neural output. We use a host of the different lower body and upper body tests that allow us to see where someone has structural and muscular imbalances.

These tests allow us to understand where there may be a lack of basic flexibility, joint integrity, and stability as well as weakness. Knowing these important aspects of an individual allows us to design a training program for them that’s at their level, and that will solve these issues as fast as possible.

You may have experienced some of the following issues in your day to day life as well as when exercising:

  • Shoulder pain and shoulder impingements
  • Tension headaches
  • A weak lower back
  • SI joint pain
  • Knee pain and instability
  • Flat feet and arch discomfort

A Unique Approach to Structural Balance Assessment

To break down how the structural balance assessment would go for you, please see below:

  • You book in for your consultation with an OBF Gyms coach
  • Your coach will tell you how to prepare for your structural assessment
  • You arrive for your assessment, and your coach begins by taking you through the following test: Klatt Test, Rocker Board Split Squat Test, Wobble Board Split Squat Test, Sit-Fit Disk Split Squat Test, Lower Extremity Range of Motion Test, Glute Activation Test and Upper Body Flexibility: external rotation and scapular health
  • From there, we’ll decide whether or not to perform a strength test. This depends on your training experience and goals.
  • Using the data we collect from these tests, we can discuss what needs to correct.

With the appropriate structural balance assessment testing, we can figure out what’s happening with your body and solve any issues with programming designed for you. This means choosing the correct exercises and organizing them in a way that allows us to bring balance back to your body.

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