Did you know that fish in tanks don’t die of old age, they die of bad environments? This should make you think for a second or two…or three, about toxins.

Toxins and Environment

The brain processes information from everywhere in the environment (skin, eyes, ears, nose, etc) therefore cell response is based on the environment – not on decisions. This is a key point we all need to be aware of and learn to understand on a deeper level.

Your liver was designed to detoxify us,not the environment. Your body produces natural toxins within the bodies as the byproducts of chemical reactions that occur in within the body need to be excreted 24/7, 365 days/year. So the inclusion of environmental toxins, especially within the last 100 years has been immense.

Evolution of Detoxification

We haven’t evolved to detox these new chemicals developed and found in our environment – however our bodies are amazing things and can still detoxify most of these new toxic materials even though our liver was designed a long long time ago. However, the issue isn’t whether we can or can’t detoxify these new toxins, it’s the amount that we cannot deal with. And the amount is staggering.