Still wondering about peri-workout nutrition?

What is it? Is it what you eat before, after or even DURING your workouts? Click our Monday blog on Perfection Peri-Workout Nutrition to learn more!

In this complex world of macros and micros, high-carb vs. low-carb, fat loading diets, Paleo plans and gluten-, grain- and dairy-free, it can be easy to overlook certain fundamental factors in your nutrition.

One such prime example is nutrient timing

Also known as peri-workout nutrition, this refers to what you eat in the times immediately around your training.

Peri-workout nutrition has long been considered highly important in the world of elite sport and professional athletics, and it’s made its way into the bodybuilding realms too, as demonstrated by the cornucopia of supplement adverts in magazines, and the vast sums spent on advertising the latest pre-workout drinks, vasodilators, energy boosters and recovery shakes.

But can it help you?

Is it worth you looking at tweaking your meal timings based on when you train (or even how you train) to maximize your performance in the gym, your fat loss and your body composition?