Written by The OBF Team
Zinc is a synergistic mineral that helps the body organize minerals and their functions with regard to metabolism. As far as we know, currently, it’s reported that is involved in over 88 chemical reactions within the body.
It as well as Magnesium is two of the hardest minerals to replace within the body. This is why supplementation or if you’re lucky, IV therapy is necessary.
Actually, did you know that it takes at least 4-6 months at 120-240 mg of it supplementation per day to restore fertility and testosterone levels? and fertility is tightly knit and for both males and females, it’s shown that you cannot be fertile if levels are too low
Now, regarding the quantity of 120-240 mg of supplementation per day…This increased need is due to many factors; pollution, estrogenic mimicking chemicals, depleted nutrient levels in our soil, and of course an increased demand on our physiological systems via stress and poor lifestyle habits.
It also affects cardiovascular health, especially blood vessels. Having low levels of Zinc, these vessels become hard and this leads to the loss of vascular elasticity. Also note, low Zinc can impact your immune system, causing it to malfunction. Low it’s linked to higher rates of age-related diseases including cancer development.

Hormonal Levels and Zinc


You cannot produce Testosterone without enough Zinc. This is especially a problem when it comes to recovery from training as well as libido management. If you’re interested in making progress in the gym and don’t have enough Zinc, you’re going to be at a big disadvantage.

Interactions of Zinc and Other Minerals

Excessive amounts of Copper can decrease Zinc levels. Actually, Copper and Zinc both compete within the body, and a proper ratio is always necessary.
If you live in the city of Toronto, our piping system’s made of old Copper pipes. Older pipes tend to erode as well as leak into water systems, and that means that unless you filter your water, you likely have irregular copper levels. And as we know, this can aid in low Zinc levels.

Benefits of Zinc

  • If you have healthy levels of Zinc, you’re more insulin sensitive and won’t gain fat as easily.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong anti-oxidant.
  • It has anti-aging properties and can drastically improve brain health.
  • High levels of it prevent high levels of heavy metals in the brain, preventing neurodegeneration.
  • If you’re low in, you’ll have a fairly poor attention span, and both mood and depression are countered by Zincs. So by having healthy levels of it, you’ll actually have higher levels of happiness.

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