Does one or more of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

  1. You have no energy to train.
  2. You can train hard, but need several days to recover.
  3. You train regularly, but you’re getting absolutely nowhere with your goals.

Your thyroid may be an issue!

Signs of low thyroid hormone levels are: weakness, fatigue, lethargy, cold intolerance, decreased memory and concentration, constipation, modest weight gain (5-10 lbs), muscle cramps, depression, dry skin and hair loss.

Here are 5 ways people with this issue are being sabotaged by their bodies!

Sabotage 1: Slow Metabolism

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) in hypothyroidism is lower than the average person.  So, even though you’re eating under 1500 calories a day and working out 3 days a week, you may spin your wheels on your progress.

Sabotage 2: Salt and Water Retention

Hypothyroidism causes salt and water retention. 

Treatment of hypothyroidism may lead to a 5-10% weight loss in water alone.

Sabotage 3: Stress Intolerance

Physical stress is key to changing body composition through hormonal signals for fat burning and muscle growth.  But, stress hormones play a role in the management of thyroid hormones.  Too much stress and your body is unable to create the thyroid hormones it needs. So, stress management and supplementation with B vitamins can help support a healthy thyroid.

Sabotage 4: Poor Gut Health

Untreated celiac disease is associated with autoimmune thyroiditis.  Work with a professional to identify and eliminate food sensitivities such as gluten that contribute to your autoimmune response.

Sabotage 5: Poor Recovery

Your metabolism is slow, and therefore so is your ability to recover.  Build in rest and recovery into your routine to avoid burnout.  Increase exercise slowly adding just one more set of a strength training exercise, or just one to five more minutes to your routine instead of another 45 to 60 minutes.

Do you think you might have a thyroid problem?  Visit your primary care provider for advice and management.  Speak with your personal trainer about what type of training and diet is best for you!


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