Macro to Micro Goal Setting

Let’s think big. What do you really want to achieve in terms of health and fitness? Not tomorrow or next week, but long-term. What do you expect to accomplish? This vision might be looked at as your mission, and defined as follows:

“To live a long, healthy life. Be an excellent example to my children. Get my body fat below 20 percent. I turned 30 in March and have always dreamed of competing in a fitness competition. I’ve decided to make this happen before I turn 31, so I have 12 months to get my behind in shape.”

Set 30-Day Goals

Once this grand plan is in place, it’s important to break it down into bite-size pieces. This is where we give you a plan to achieve it. What we do specifically is help you all set 30-day goals that support your long-term goals. We do this because it’s important to see results as you go, thus allowing yo to find the daily, self-motivation habits to make it happen. Here are a few examples:

1. Go to the gym four times per week for the next 30 days
2. Take your fibre and fish oil supplements
3. Eliminate sugar from your diet

Tracking Compliance

We have you all start off with a habit checklist. Allowing you to focus on a few simple tasks to work on for the week. For every day that you stick to the habit checklist, you can mark down an X on a calendar; and for days you don’t stick to it, the box is left blank.

We usually start you all off with 60 percent and add 10 percent each month based on the results of the previous month. Here is what such tracking could look like if a monthly goal was to eat our suggested protein and fat based breakfast.

Month 1: Start with a 60-percent compliance level. At the end of the month you would have 18 X’s on the calendar for a 100-percent success rate for that month.

Month 2: Increase the compliance level to 70 percent. At the end of the month you would have 21 X’s on the calendar for a 100-percent success rate for that month.

This realistic approach is much more effective than adopting an “all or nothing” attitude to reaching results with your goals and staying compliant with a program. Of course, not all tasks are equally challenging. We may have to adjust these starting numbers higher or lower. The bottom line is we only allow you guys to take on what you can handle to give you the ability to build each goal into your lifestyle.