Are you finding yourself continuously stopping what you started? Are you confused about what methods would work best for your results? Are you moving further backwards than you are forwards? Maybe you struggle with some of the below questions?

Should I or shouldn’t I do:
More cardio
Eat less calories
Cut my carbs
Cut my fat
Cut out red meat
Take this supplement/take that supplement
Drink this juice
Drink this tea
Don’t eat after 6pm
Don’t eat until 6pm

If you have to go through this much questioning regarding how to best drop body fat, you need to STOP! Look at the basics, because something isn’t clicking.

before and after
Our client Kaylie shows that the real change occurs when you decide to allow it to completely become you. It’s far more a lifestyle than it will ever be a diet or special workout program. So, to answer your questions above…worry less about the details and focus more on the implications. Understand how you and your body responds to your environment and choices and that alone will begin to help you narrow down what you need to focus/spend your time on in and outside of the gym.