Are you getting bloated after you eat?

Do you ever find yourself after eating a meal at work, sitting by a computer, in front of a TV or on the couch, you get bloated?

This is a huge sign that you’re not digesting your food well. And as we know, you aren’t what you eat, you are what you assimilate (absorb and break down).

It’s far too often that people begin to ignore this, feeling it’s normal and even becoming totally unaware of how their digesting their food. We’ve got an awesome and easy method called the 5-10-15-20 method that will not only help you digest your food and stop bloating, but it’ll also help you create a healthier relationship with food!

Let’s break it down here quickly for you all!

The 5 stands for taking 5 deep belly breathes as you prepare to eat your meal. This helps the body get in to a parasympathetic state. This is far superior to digesting food in comparison to a sympathetic state.

The 10 stands for putting the fork down every bite for 10 seconds while you chew. This is important because 85% of digestion occurs in the mouth, remember, your gut doesn’t have teeth.
The 15 stands for the amount of time you should eat a meal generally, no less than 15 minutes. If you eat too fast, you’re likely not chewing well enough. Also, it’s about 15 minutes for the body to become aware of whether ot not it’s full, so give your body a chance to recognize.
The 20 stands for going for a 20 minute walk after a meal. The movement of the body helps with blood sugar and digestion. Remember, when you’re standing, gravity helps your food travel through your digestive system.