Do you keep re-starting your diet?

Hey peeps, still struggling with your diet and it’s impacting your fat loss efforts? Here are some tips and tricks to make meal prep easy!

The biggest thing our clients realize is that true transformation occurs not just from training, but from managing what you eat, the amount, the quality and even what times of day you eat it.


Meal prep doesn’t have to be all that hard! It can be as simple as just taking your pre-cooked protein out of the freezer and getting it ready for a quick fresh meal.

TIP 1: Set 1 or 2 prep days a week, always the same days of the week – consistency is key here! Grocery shop, cook, bag, and freeze everything that day. It’s important to prepare food when it’s at it’s freshest!

TIP 2: If you’re already making a meal, cook 4 times that amount! After you eat, your extra 3 portions have cooled and are ready to bag!

TIP 3: Set up home deliveries from companies that deliver groceries to your home. There’s so many farms around Toronto as well as companies in Toronto that will deliver quality ingredients like fresh produce and proteins right to your door. This saves you time and often even money! This means more time to get your weeks nutrition organized so you don’t find yourself stuck without a meal!